Community Information Exchange (CIE)

Community Information Exchange (CIE)

Research shows that traditional health care accounts for 20% of overall health outcomes, whereas social determinants for health (SDOH) account for between 40% – 80% of health outcomes.*  No statewide system exists to connect individuals to community resources or track resolution. Concerns continue to rise about screening without sufficient referral resources. There is need for alignment on how to exchange information between traditional health care system and social services in order to provide whole person care.

HIT Commons convened an Oregon CIE Advisory Group from December 2019 through March 2020, when it was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In Fall 2020, HIT Commons staff summarized the work of the Advisory Group in a December 2020 report. See OHA’s CIE page for additional information and updates.

For information on a voluntary, statewide CIE effort, see Connect Oregon.

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*Hood, C. M., K. P. Gennuso, G. R. Swain, and B. B. Catlin. 2016. County health rankings: Relationships between determinant factors and health outcomes. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 50(2):129-135. 

*working definition

HIT Commons is a shared public/private partnership designed to accelerate and advance Health Information Technology adoption and use across the state. It is co-sponsored by Oregon Health Leadership Council and Oregon Health Authority.