Community Information Exchange (CIE)

Community Information Exchange (CIE)

Research shows that traditional health care accounts for 20% of overall health outcomes, whereas social determinants for health (SDOH) account for between 40% – 80% of health outcomes.*  No statewide system exists to connect individuals to community resources or track resolution. Concerns continue to rise about screening without sufficient referral resources. There is need for alignment on how to exchange information between traditional health care system and social services in order to provide whole of person care.

Community Information Exchange – a working definition

Early work by the HIT Common’s CIE Advisory Group aligned on the following “working definition” in this rapidly evolving space:

In general, a CIE connects health care, human and social services partners to improve the health and well-being of communities and address health disparities and health equity. A fully implemented, bi-directional technology platform supporting a CIE could provide many functions, including statewide social services directory, shared risk assessment capabilities, real-time closed loop referral management, collaborative care coordination, standardized metrics, and data analysis.

For Oregon, a statewide effort could include technology components, areas for alignment across different technologies, areas for collaborative learning, and sustainable funding and governance bodies.

Who would benefit from a CIE?

  • Patients & Families receive referrals and assistance with system navigation resulting in overall improved health and well-being.
  • Communities develop more effective and efficient referrals and leverage data to inform policy, advocacy, and investment.
  • Health Systems realize improved patient care, provider satisfaction, and leverage metrics to increase performance and reduce costs.
  • Policymakers align with Oregon health care transformation goals, CCO 2.0 policy, and the HB 3076 Community Benefits spending floor.

What is The Oregon CIE Advisory Group?

The Oregon CIE Advisory Group convened from December 2019 through March 2020, when it was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In Fall 2020, HIT Commons staff summarized the work of the Advisory Group in a December 2020 report. Additional conversations are underway with OHA and HIT Commons Governance to plan next steps for this work in 2021.

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*Hood, C. M., K. P. Gennuso, G. R. Swain, and B. B. Catlin. 2016. County health rankings: Relationships between determinant factors and health outcomes. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 50(2):129-135. 

*working definition

HIT Commons is a shared public/private partnership designed to accelerate and advance Health Information Technology adoption and use across the state. It is co-sponsored by Oregon Health Leadership Council and Oregon Health Authority.