HIT Commons

HIT Commons is a shared public/private governance model designed to accelerate and advance Health Information Technology adoption and use across the state. It is co-sponsored by Oregon Health Leadership Council and Oregon Health Authority and responsible for overseeing two core programs: Oregon EDIE/Collective Platform and Oregon Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Integration. 

Announcements and Upcoming Events

↓ December 8, 2023 – HIT Commons 2023 CCO Collaborative

HIT Commons and the Oregon Health Authority will host their annual CCO Collaborative to discuss and leverage statewide HIT solutions.

Location: The event is being shifted to virtual

Time: 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Register Here!

↓ October 12, 2023 – Webinar: Collective Medical Webinar: Collaborative Insights Launch

Collective Medical Technologies/PointClickCare, the vendor of EDIE/PreManage, is launching Collaborative Insights in Oregon. The webinar will explore the new functionality and provide resources for end users.

Click here for webinar recording and tip sheets.

HIT Commons Governance Board recognizes Connect Oregon as predominant statewide CIE: HIT Commons CIE Fact Sheet

Statewide networks share data to support whole person care: Connect Oregon and Collective Platform Integration to Help Address Social Needs

Core Programs:

Oregon EDIE/Collective Platform:
Emergency Department Information Exchange (EDIE) connects hospital ED’s across various geographies and organizations to provide a comprehensive snapshot of high risk, high need individuals in real time. When a patient registers in any ED in Oregon, EDIE is alerted and can push back an EDIE notification. Collective Platform pushes critical information to health care organizations outside the hospital system (CCO’s providers, clinics and health plans) in real time when a patient or member has a hospital event.

Oregon PDMP Integration:
Oregon Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Integration allows authorized prescribers and pharmacists ‘one click’ secure access to accurate, relevant and timely PDMP data within their electronic workflow.

HIT Commons Governance Board:

The role of HIT Commons Governance is to accelerate the selection, procurement, financing, implementation and adoption of health information technology initiatives in Oregon, improving the effective use and oversight of statewide HIT initiatives.

HIT Commons Governance is responsible to carry out the responsibilities of governing the core programs and initiatives which are included under its purview.  Decisions related to these statewide initiatives may be binding with respect to Sponsoring Organizations, project participants, stakeholders and others.

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