EDIE Utility

The EDIE Utility supports statewide efforts on the Collective Medical platform—a web-based technology that provides real time information to reduce ED utilization, improve transitions of care and enhance care coordination.

EDIE: EDIE technology provides real time alerts that allow emergency department clinicians to identify individuals who are frequent utilizers of the emergency department or who have active care guidelines or security events noted in the Collective platform. EDIE also provides alerts on individuals who have triggered the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) criteria. All hospitals in Oregon have adopted EDIE and are receiving notifications.

Collective platform: The Collective platform is a complementary product to EDIE that enables hospital event information (ED and inpatient admissions and discharges) to be sent to health plans, CCOs, primary care, behavioral health, post-acute and specialty providers for specified member or patient populations. This information provides the ability to rapidly identify at risk patients or members and support them in getting the right care through improved care coordination.

Steering Committee: HIT Commons Governance Board provides oversight to the EDIE Steering Committee which is charged with aligning and coordinating efforts to leverage the use of the Collective platform in support of reducing avoidable emergency department utilization, improving transitions of care and other key initiatives and use cases.

For assistance with the Collective platform:

For more information on the EDIE Utility, please email Justin Keller.