About OHLC

About OHLC

The Oregon Health Leadership Council is a collaborative organization working to develop practical solutions that reduce the rate of increase in health care costs and premiums so health care and insurance are more affordable to people and employers in the state.
Formed in 2008 at the request of the Oregon business community, the council brings together health plans, hospitals and physicians to identify and act on cost-saving solutions that maximize efficiencies while delivering high quality patient care. Since 2008, hundreds of individuals have been working on initiatives in the areas that the council determined to have the greatest potential for impact.

By working collaboratively, the council believes we can deliver both short- and long-term cost relief in Oregon.

The Council itself includes 25 leaders from predominant health care organizations across the state including specialty and primary care medical groups; hospitals/health systems; Coordinated Care Organizations; Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems; Oregon Medical Association; Portland Coordinated Care Association; regional and national health plans. The Oregon Health Leadership Council works in partnership with the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Business Council to improve the value of healthcare for all Oregonians. See our list of council members.

The Council is a membership organization of health care organizations. Members of the Oregon Health Leadership Council actively drive and support the council’s work. Eligible members are senior level executives of medical groups, hospitals, health systems or health plans doing business in Oregon.

We welcome feedback and participation in our work. Please visit our Progress Reports page for updates on our work, and contact us with questions or comments.